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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Signs of spring

Today was an unexpectedly sunny day in London, so I decided to visit Camley Street Natural Park. I'd only recently learned of the existence of this park, tucked away behind King's Cross and St Pancras stations. It's a small place, but when the weather is fine you can walk around it quite a few times without getting bored.

After a long, grey winter, it was a real pleasure to spend time here and see and hear the early signs of spring. The birdsong could be heard even over the massive construction going on nearby -- mainly great tits and coal tits, with the occasional blackbird and robin. There were little clusters of snowdrops and buttercups:

And there was plenty of life emerging from buds, both leaves and flowers.

I went in search of the two tame rabbits mentioned on the park's website, but found that they no longer live there. Apparently the local foxes kept trying to get into their hutch, so a member of staff took them home where they would be safer and less stressed.


Hydriotaphia said...

Yes it was a lovely day with plenty of hints of coming spring,nice photo's too. But alas just a one-off for now. Give it another 5 or 6 weeks before we can be confident that winter is dead.

curator said...

That really is a lovely park! I wish I could visit London again...not this year, sadly.

RHE said...

The early signs of spring here are a fresh foot of snow and temperatures below zero Fahrenheit. Just before this latest arctic intrusion our first daffodils and snowdrops had pushed green shoots through the hard frozen ground. They have since withdrawn and, I believe, emigrated.

swamericana said...

Good for hearing the birdsong and seeing sprouts. Fine time you must have had. Jack of Sage to Meadow.

findanoutlet said...

Spring comes earlier to UK than I knew. Lovely pictures, lovely park. I'd walk around it quite a few times as well.